Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'.

When Sandra said "I have a surprise for you" a few weeks ago, I perked up. Then, after getting over my initial disappointment that we weren't going to Disney World, I found out that she had scored tickets to last night's Steve Miller Band show at Austin's Skyline Theater at the Long Center.

"Steve Miller?", I asked. "You mean, as in the 'Jungle Love' and 'Fly Like an Eagle' Steve Miller?" Little by little, I was getting over the Disney World let-down and getting pumped for the artist I will forever associate with me flying around the skating rink back in the late 70s. 

The Long Center has a series of concerts and events throughout the summer on its lawn overlooking Town Lake and Austin's stunning downtown cityscape. We strapped a big blanket on the back of the Vespa, and buzzed downtown for the event.

I brought my Sony a7RII camera and the new Sony 85mm F1.4 GM lens, knowing I would be shooting a few portraits as well as candids. You can imagine how my heart sank as we walked though security and a deep voice asked "You don't have a detachable lens camera in there, do ya?"  Ugh. Well, I fumbled with my backpack and, right as I was about to unwrap my "illegal" camera, an old college friend ran up out of the blue and caused all kinds of commotion. In the middle of the hugs and howdys, the security guy just waved us through. Go figure. 

The concert was fantastic. Steve Miller's voice is exactly like it was back in the day. He played all of the fans' favorites. The weather was great due to an afternoon shower that cooled things off. I got to watch the show with the love of my life. We even danced a jitterbug on the grass towards the end.

I wonder if Steve Miller, who was just inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, had any idea he would be singing "Fly Like an Eagle'" nearly 4 decades later in front of generations of fans who love his music so much? It made me think of how he just keeps doing what he loves and what he does the best. The Universe takes care of the rest.