Do I follow my heart, or do I follow conventional marketing wisdom?

Formal portrait on the left, street portrait on the right. Do both belong in my social media marketing strategy?

Many of you know that I have transitioned from a 20-year career in graphic design to a new career in portrait photography. I "followed my bliss", and every promise that comes with it is coming true. Such a feeling that I'm "in the flow." Not only was I led to pursue photography, but more specifically, I have been led to portraiture. It's the highest professional calling I have ever felt. Not wedding photography. Not product photography. Portraiture.

While portraiture is my professional focus, I also shoot tons of "street photography", such as candids, street portraits, and music-related photos. 

So, why am I stuck?

Well, my 20 years of marketing experience combined with lots of current-day photography marketing expertise might urge me to only post my "money" shots to social media. To limit my Facebook personal, Facebook business, Instagram, and Twitter posts to formal portrait shots, like the one on the left. Don't confuse your audience with street shots like the one on the right. Don't do it, because street portraits "aren't paying the bills." 

Or are they?

So happens, I am getting more and more inquiries from people who sound like this: "Joe, your work is so different and so diverse. You really capture people's spirit." Or, I hear something like: "My high school senior can't stand posing. He want's a totally unique look."

What do you think? I am cranking up my posting and blogging activity and I don't want to be making the dumb marketing mistake of "diluting" my brand. Is there room for both of these shots in my social media posts?

Joe Van Wyk