It isn't easy to shoot a friend.

Don’t worry. My friend Reed is resting fine after his shooting.

All kidding aside, I admittedly was a bit nervous before doing Reed’s portrait. You see, we have known each other for a long time. Since college to be exact. And, let’s just say that in those days phones had cords that plugged into the wall.

So, having a good friend as a client should be easy, right? Not exactly. I mean, what if he didn’t take me seriously? And, even worse, what if he didn’t like his photographs? Fortunately, Reed and his wife Laura know the real me. They know I’m no big shot. I’m in the building stage of a photography career.

So as it turned out, when Reed showed up for his appointment, he assumed his role as subject and I assumed mine as photographer. Frankly, the whole experience was more awesome than awkward. We had a great time and I am so blown away by these shots.

When I pulled Reed’s photos up in Lightroom, I saw more than just a literal physical representation of him. I saw something deeper. Something different.

Photography is magic. 

Joe Van Wyk