Tell your story.
Build your following.

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Want to go exploring with this little cowboy? He and I will be your hired guns to tell stories with videos, photographs, and images that entertain and build your audience, month in, month out.


  • A video biography of one of your team members, including a personal story of how she overcame a difficulty and grew as a result.
  • Your customer explaining a problem he was having, and how your product saved the day. 
  • An inspiring peek into ways your employees give back to the community by doing charitable work,
  • Gorgeous, expressive portraits (not the cheesy kind) that show your employees' inner spirits. 
  • An ongoing series of videos where team members show customers how to use your product in new and effective ways. 
  • Compelling messages to your non-profit's donors about how their time and money are impacting the lives of others.

Video for Social Media

Remember the days when marketing videos for businesses were called "corporate videos" and they looked cheesy, contrived, and stuffy? Well, you're in luck because my journey with video missed that decade. My inspiration comes from spontaneity. Too much scripting gives me the creeps. My creative spark comes from honesty, emotion and authenticity. I'm a good fit with clients who care about honestly inspiring their following. How? By telling stories of hope that move people from their heads, ten inches down to their hearts. Want to know a little secret about what makes a good story? Just show what it was like, what happened, and what it's like now. There are lots of fun ways to do that. With consistency, orgaizations build a following of people who recognize them not as a logo selling something, but as a community who shares their own common values. Explore my YouTube channel for examples of my work. 


People Photography

Client's say that my photos "capture people's spirits". Yes, I suppose that is tootin' my own horn. But even more so, it's an example of getting out of the way and letting God's gifts flow through me. You see, recording the world through a camera lens is still magic to me. In my early teens I absconded with my Dad's Olympus film camera that he got as a Christmas present, and I was hooked. Through all of these years I have taken many thousands of shots of varied subjects. But I have to say that is was street shooting that re-ignited the fire in me to capture portraits. Please check out videos like this on my YouTube channel for examples of how I work with people on the streets. The street portraits turned me on about doing formal portraits professionally. And now, people-photography plays a key role in me helping organizations build their brand and deepen their following online. 


Digital Publishing

Was it Gandhi who said "It's all social media"? Hmm. Maybe not. Regardless, what IS social media? The last time I Googled it there must have been a hundred definitions. Perhaps it is one of those things where you "know it when you see it." I think community is what all social media has in common. There is interaction and open dialogue. Feedback.

In addition to videography and photography, I have been in the graphic design and publishing field for over twenty years, assembling content, designing, and producing print catalogs, digital newsletters, and email campaigns. As buying habits have changed so dramatically, I am always trying to reflect on the relevancy (or lack thereof) of pre-social media marketing methods. I don't have all of the answers. However, it is clear that all forms of publishing and marketing must include a social strategy and follow-through. Never before we been able to interact with our customers in this way. Never before have we had so much power to respond to their needs and tell our stories.